We take care of your home, your guests, and your peace of mind.


The Tahoe cohost collective is an owner-focused professional Airbnb & Vacation Rental management company based in North Lake Tahoe. We partner with vacation rental homeowners to provide exceptional service and memorable experiences.


How Can we

Help You


Earn More from Home

We use dynamic pricing strategies to properly price your home and attract the right guests. We understand the market, the seasons, and the demand.


Optimize Potential

We understand what guests are looking for, and we know how to create experiences that excite and exceed expectations. 


Peace of Mind

We manage every detail from listing creation and management, guests experience and communication, and hands-on service for our owners.

Why Cohost?

Most traditional vacation rental companies require you to list your home under their corporate account, taking away both transparency and individuality. This leaves the owner in the dark with no control over their own home.

Cohosting allows you to own your personalized channel, showcasing your home's unique identity and style. Plus, you get to keep full access to your listing, get paid multiple times per month, and never have to worry about how we are interacting with your guests.



My name is Alessandra Gyben and I have been working in the real estate and marketing space for the past 10 years. I grew up living in many different places. As a traveler myself, I understand the benefits of great experiences and wonderful stays. 

After managing over 30 homes for another company, I realized there was a better, more transparent way to manage vacation rentals. That is when I founded the Tahoe Cohost Collective. 

As a company, we are a small groups of tech-savvy, hospitality-driven professionals who look forward to working with you and your guests. Our Operations Manager, Melissa Riba, is a master of customer experience, organization, and process. We work effectively to produce outstanding results. 

Our entire team works hard for you, your home, and your guests.