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Safely Insurance


Permit Requirement Compliance

We appreciate all that North Lake Tahoe has to offer and we know the ins and outs of your home's location and what makes it unique. We provide your guests with updated information on weather, local events, fun activities in the area, and top rated restaurant recommendations. We also provide up to date information on local grocery stores, excess trash locations, bear safety information, and current fire restrictions.

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Pre/post Stay Audits

We watch over your home as if it were our own. Before and/or after each guest stays in your home we will have a team member audit your home. We will create a custom audit checklist for your home to ensure we are checking every area of the home in its entirety.

Personalized House Manual

We know your home is unique, that is why we will create a personalized house manual for your home! House manual information may include; check out instructions, house rules, local recommendations, appliance operating quirks, and more to help your guests navigate the home.


inventory management

Included in our inventory management of your home, we will shop and stock your home based on a questionnaire we provide for you to fill out. We will continue to stock the home during our audits, ensuring your home is always guest-ready. (Supply reimbursement is added to your monthly invoice)

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